Smart TV Reviews on 50 Inch TV with 3D – The Trustable Guide

If you are looking for a bigger home entertainment option – a bigger 50 inch TV is what you have in mind? Probably you have been hit with so many options especially in this age when every electronics company is running an Ad that says “We Have the Best 50 Inch TV You Can Find!” So how do you sift through this confusion and get the best Cable TV for your house? That’s why we need Smart TV reviews.

Why a Review?

Well you can never go wrong with an article that outlines the good and bad of a product. Moreover, such articles are from experts who already have bought and tested the product, so they know their way around it and give you a heads up in advance. But here is another big question I always had to ask myself “Whose review would you trust the most in this market?”

One thing I am certain of is that one man’s meat is poison to the other, so I know very well that I should bank on a review coming straight from a fellow customer. A customer will always be honest about a product they have used; if they liked it they will give it a good rate, if not they will come out and point the flaws. So I always make sure that the smart TV reviews I choose to guide me have been through the hands of someone who was looking for the same thrill as me.

Through my search for the best 50 Inch TV, I came across these four models which I think are top notch in the current market. I saw the need to share, and perhaps you can also get an idea of what to look for when you go TV hunting. But what I have come to learn about buying modern day smart TV screens, you got to look out for the basic feature that make a great TV like;

  • Screen resolution
  • 3D features and quality
  • The TV Weight
  • The Refresh rate
  • Definitely the warranty period

Comparison of Top Four Smart 50 Inch TV with 3D

  • UN50F6400
  • ~ $1,097Price
  • Over 120 Reviews
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5
  • Voice controlSmart Features
  • Dual CoreProcessor
  • 120 HzRefresh Rate
  • LEDDisplay Technology
  • 3D Glasses Included 2 Pairs
  • $13Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
  • 34.2 to 42 poundsWeight Range
  • ShippingFree Shipping With receiving 2% back in Rewards
  • M501d-A2R
  • ~ $798Price
  • Over 320 Reviews
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5
  • Internet AppsSmart Features
  • No ProcessorProcessor
  • 240 HzRefresh Rate
  • LEDDisplay Technology
  • 3D Glasses Included 8 pairs
  • $12Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
  • 51.4 poundsWeight Range
  • ShippingFree Shipping With Enhanced Delivery
LG Electronics
  • 50LA6200
  • ~ $875Price
  • Over 140 Reviews
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5
  • Apps StoreSmart Features
  • Dual CoreProcessor
  • 120 HzRefresh Rate
  • LEDDisplay Technology
  • 3D Glasses Included 4 pairs
  • $11Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
  • 36.2 to 47 poundsWeight Range
  • ShippingFree Shipping
  • TC-P50ST60
  • ~ $997Price
  • Over 190 Reviews
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5
  • VIERA ConnectSmart Features
  • No ProcessorProcessor
  • 600HzRefresh Rate
  • PlasmaDisplay Technology
  • 3D Glasses Included 2 pairs
  • $28Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
  • 56.3 to 69 poundsWeight Range
  • ShippingFree Shipping With Enhanced Delivery

Samsung UN50F6400 50-Inch TV

I have to say Samsung never disappoints when it comes to high end specs and a slim out design with covet-able aesthetic appeals. The design is a slim smart profile and a touch of LED quality screen which throws you into a full 3D cinema experience right at home. This special Samsung UN50F6400 packs a 1080p HD resolution ratio and an explosion of lively colors you haven’t seen in a Samsung screen before.

Samsung UN50F6400 50 inch TV Review

Samsung UN50F6400 50 inch TV Review

If you are the kind that loves organization, this is the best 50Inch TV to buy; it has a special feature called the Smart Hub which organizes your entertainment in 5 main categories; Social, Videos/Music/Photos Panel, On TV, TV Shows/Movies and Apps. Moreover, this Samsung smart screen comes with built in Wi-Fi connectivity and a high-end internet browser which connect you to the world through a 50 inch wide screen view. You can download all your movies, songs or TV series straight to your smart screen

With this Samsung UN50F6400 50 Inch screen, you have a built in Dual Core processor for quick command executions and a motion rate of 480 which brings out unrivaled picture clarity. And did I mention the smart touch remote? Absolutely cool stuff!

Some Advantages of Samsung UN50F6400:

  • Smart Hub Organizer
  • 480p Picture clarity
  • Smart Touch remote control
  • Built in Dual Core Processor


Vizio M501d-A2R 50-Inch best 50 Inch TV

The Vizio M501d-A2R 50 inch screen definitely had to make it to my Smart TV reviews. The first thing you would notice is the super-sleek physical design with what they call a razor-thin design. There don’t joke on that; the edges are super thin, almost a semi-hologram best 50 Inch TV.

Vizio M501d-A2R 50 inch TV Review

Vizio M501d-A2R 50 inch TV Review

The Vizio M series smart screen also boasts of 3D wide screen entertainment bringing the action right in front of you. The smart TV comes with LED backlighting which accentuates the razor-thin view on the front delivering out of this world images. But that is not all, the Vizio M501d-A2R flat screen television packs a number of specs I personally found intriguing and which should make or break your decision about buying.

First things first, the mind-blowing number of apps packed inside this edge to edge sleek screen display. With reliable internet connectivity, the Vizio smart TV connects you to over a catalogue of applications like Netflix, Amazon, Huluplus, You Tube, Facebook, Flickr, Ebay just to mention a few. Does the screen look crammed up? Not at all the apps occupy the full screen from end to end and organized using a state of the art interface that allows quick navigation through the apps.

Here is more about the screen you should know about;

  • 3D screen accompanied by 8 pair of 3D glasses (no need for battery)
  • Packs an LCD screen backed with full LED back-lighting
  • A faster refresh rate: – about 240Hz fast with a smooth motion enhancer just to make the home entertainment experience worth it.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST60 50-Inch

Talk about high end picture resolution, a seamless and silky gradation or a burst of vibrant colors and you will not miss the Panasonic VIERA mentioned in Smart TV reviews.  This TV is one of the privileges flat screens to be manufactured at a period when sleek and minimal components in designs are the order of the day. A lot has been scrapped off this wonder TV to leave a pristine home entertainment system with an array of specifications worth writing home about.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST60 50 Inch TV Review

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST60 50 Inch TV Review

Boasting of a 2500 Field Drive Focus, it is possible to watch your high motion images right at home with some popcorn and soda. This field drive technology is specially designed for those sports games or movie scenes with fast action. If you have owned a Panasonic before, you then understand the ultimate black shade characteristic with the images. Now picture those black shades illuminated in a whole new level creating the perfect dark scenes with neat details.

Now if I want to enjoy the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ on 3D I would probably get this screen for those meticulous dark images. Equally to be praised about is the light emission of 24,576 steps which help create a smooth and soft image almost as if it glides along the screen. How about the resolution? Super-cool clarity of about 1080pixels with a fast image processor built inside.

So what makes this the best 50 Inch TV from others?

I always look for a unique touch in all my smart TV reviews and the Panasonic had one feature I appreciated the most; the electronic touch pen technology. I don’t know if other smart screen options have it but I  think Panasonic really have a cool way of delivering this feature allowing you draw on the screen and use the Swipe and Share app to send out your cool drawings to friends.

An avid skyper like me would also find it intriguing holding a video chat or meeting over the 50inch wide screen display with great Wi-Fi connectivity, sound clarity and crystal clear pictures.

The Technical Details

  • Smart TV, Installed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support, Infinite Black Pro
  • Eco friendly specs like a lead-free panel, mercury-free components as well
  • 1080p HD Images, 600Hz refreshing rate, Gradation-24 576


LG Electronics 50LA6200 Smart TV

LG Electronics 50LA6200 50 Inch TV Review

LG Electronics 50LA6200 50 Inch TV Review

I first give this smart screen TV a good mark for pulling it off in aesthetic designs. It has an ultra-slim profile with polished smooth edges and a really cool looking stand to support the massive 50inch display. It packs all the goodies I would expect in a modern day smart screen TV;

  • Built in Wi-Fi to connect you to all the cool apps
  • Internal Dual Core Processor to execute commands in a snap
  • Full 1080p HD Screen
  • LED Screen Technology

I think what stands out for the LG as one of the best 50 Inch TV options is the ease with which you can navigate through the screen. LG decided to create what they call the magic remote control; one word to describe this gadget is fun! It would pass for a normal remote when you look at it but it has the potential of navigating through the entire screen with only a point and a click. Alternatively, I can switch the remote to Voice Mate which captures my voice and I can speak any channel I want and Voila! It is done.

The LG Electronics 50LA6200 offers a unique way to navigate through the screen, which takes less time navigation compared to other Cable TV. Besides that, LG reduced the many remote controls we needed to get our TVs working; the smart remote supports HTiB, Set Top Box, Blu-Ray player and the Sound bar all at once.

Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Smart TV

As I have narrowed it down to four best 50 Inch TV options to choose from, I still feel there is a need to equip the reader with some important tips on how to choose the best smart screen to use at home.

How Big Do You Want Your TV To Be?

As you have seen above there I have decided to go with the best 50 Inch TV sets in the market because I always crave big screens. On the other hand it also depends what you are buying the television for; if you will be using it frequently or entertainment then a big screen with great resolution specs is perfect to create a home theater feeling. On the other hand if you don’t use the screen a lot and are looking for something to fit a small and cozy living room them go for a smaller size but keep the awesome features.

Plasma or LCD?

One of the major ways to know which to pick between Plasma and LCD is having an idea how your TV watching habit is like. At what time do you use the screen the most? Is it at night or during the day? If you are a daytime watcher, then an LCD screen will work for you because of its ability to display bright images. If you are watching TV in a highly lit room, Plasma will be ideal because it cancels out all the outside light to only leave viewable screen in front.

What are you watching?

Are you a movie guy with his own stack of Blu-Ray movies back at home? If you do a research on the smart TV reviews around, you will definitely notice other movie buffs are more inclined towards Plasma than an LCD. Well Plasma has a more cinematic experience thanks to its self lighting pixels and color phosphors. This means you can never have a lag in picture motion and the screen never suffers any lighting problems at any time.

Where are you going to place it?

If you are in look of the best 50 inch TV for your home, the size you pick depends on the room it is going to occupy. If you love to watch Cable TV in the room a small screen will suffice which may be somewhere from 24 inches to 32 inches screen size. On the other hand, the living room needs a bigger screen especially if you have so many people to entertain in your house; a TV size of 36 to 50 inch will be big enough to serve the occasion.

3D Smart Screen TV or Not

There are just about so many smart TV reviews all talking about getting 3D for a whole new experience.  However the question is, do you really need a 3D TV? If you do the calculations you might find that keeping a 3D Telly at home is a bit pricy. Here are some 3D TV rules you need to consider.

One if you are going to buy a 3D TV remember it will need 3D glasses to watch. If you cannot keep up with charging all the cinema shades, then go for cinema goggle that do not need charge but will still worm with your Smart Screen TV.

Conclusion for Smart 50-Inch TV

From all the Smart TV reviews I have read and the many talks I have held with like-minded people, these four Televisions are probably among the best in the market nowadays, especially when you are looking for the best 50 inch TV. You will get all the top-end specs in either of the Smart Screen TVs mentioned above and you have a chance to know what suits you and what doesn’t work for you from this review. I see that Amazon has many discount and promotion for you today. Do not miss these TV deals to make your home theater more perfect!

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